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Daily Routine

At Petlodge we believe a regular daily routine benefits our guests.

Adrian opens up all the kennels early in the morning by greeting our guests with their breakfast. This allows the dogs to digest their food before the staff arrive and take the dogs out for the first of their daily walks/exercise.

Every guest is taken for a walk at least twice a day – no matter what the weather!


After the morning walks, the staff commence the cleaning process. We take great pride in the cleanliness of our kennel buildings and many customers have commented on how clean and nice smelling everything is – no matter when they arrive.

Before lunchtime is the washing up and the afternoon food preparation.  The afternoon is taken up with more walks, and checking that our guests are happy before the late afternoon feed is given.Our guests are encouraged to choose for themselves whether they want to be in their individual outside run areas or if they want to go to their beds for a quiet time.

At the end of the day (after we have had our own evening meal) Adrian checks all our guests beds are still in the right place (as some residents think it great fun to drag their bedding around the outside run areas!) and invites the dogs to retire with a biscuit treat.