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Pet Lodge has 4 blocks of 10 kennels, an isolation block of 3 and are fully licenced by Canterbury City Council . Every Kennel is larger than the minimum requirement which means they are all large enough to cater for two medium / large size dogs .

All kennels have their own individual covered runs of which we have four that have extra large runs and sleeping areas to accomodate very large breeds or multiple dogs from the same family. The covered runs look out onto the runs in the opposite block so dogs are able to view other dogs or the staff when they are cleaning, taking the dogs out for walk, new neigbours arriving or old neighbours leaving!


All the internal sleeping areas are heated and we have the ability to add additional heat in the corridors should we feel it necessary. The sleeping areas are not overlooked so dogs are able to go to their  beds without fear of another dog across a corridor constantly barking at them.

There is a large let out area which allows the dogs that are not too good off lead to have some play time with toys before or after their walk. If dogs are good off lead, then they would have all their exercise off lead  – however, in this situation only the dog/s from the same family/kennel would be out in the grounds at a time.