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What are your normal opening times?

Opening times are as follows:
Monday to Saturday              9.30am    –   5.30pm
Sundays & Bank Holidays      9.30am    –  12 pm

Both day of arrival and day of departure are chargeable ( ie charges are for any part of any day.) or for the period booked if collected prior to booked departure date.

We are open and accept dogs over the Christmas and New period but are not open for collections or deliveries on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day – apart from these three days we are open every other day…..

Are your charges daily or nightly rates?

Our charges are daily rates. Everyone pays for their day of arrival and day of departure or in the case of a booking period if collected prior to end date booked

Do I need an appointment to come and view the kennels?

No appointment is necessary as long as you come between the hours of 11am and closing time- which is 5.30pm Monday to Saturday and 12pm on Sunday’s and Bank Holiday’s.

Are you able to collect my dog and deliver it back after the holiday period?

Yes, we offer a collection and return delivery service and the price of this depends on the area we need to travel. Please contact us with details of your location and we will happily quote the price for you.

What vaccines are required?

We require the standard vaccinations of DHPPI, Lepto and Kennel Cough.  For full details see the information in the Boarding Requirements section.

Will my dog be exercised?

Yes, we walk all dogs at least twice a day. Whilst all the grounds are fully fenced we also have a large fenced in exercise area where dogs that are not too good at coming back off lead are able to run freely and play.

Will my dog mix with other dogs?

Unfortunately not, as we do not mix dogs from different families. However, when we walk the dogs on lead around the grounds there is more than one member of staff walking so they will see other dogs or walk next to them (but not close enough to touch ) when going out on their walk.

What do you feed at the kennels?

We offer the full range of dried complete feeds from Beta Complete, Bakers Complete and Pedigree Chum Complete. We also offer our guests the majority of all tins, pouches and trays on the market along with both standard and small bite mixer.

If we do not offer a food that your dog is currently being fed we are more than happy to feed what ever you supply.

Do you offer a reduction if I bring my own dog food?

We offer a number of varieties of complete food and most tins / pouches / foils etc but obviously cannot stock every range. However, if you wish your dog to continue to be fed your normal feed and it is one we do not stock we will happily do so – but there would be no reduction in our normal daily rates.

What times do you feed?

We feed at 7.30am and 4pm, and  also at lunchtime for any puppies or other dogs that may require 3 feeds a day.

Do I need to bring bedding and bowls?

You do not need to bring any bowls with you at all. We provide sleeper beds and fleece bedding as a lining but always suggest that you bring something small with you that smells of home (bit of bedding, clothing, etc)

Can you administer my dogs medication?

We are happy to administer all forms of medication in either tablet, powder or injection. We have three members of staff qualified in Canine First Aid.

Are you open over Christmas and New Year?

Yes we are open over Christmas and New Year but we do not accept new or departing residents on either Christmas Day, Boxing Day or New Years Day. This means that if you want your dogs boarded over Christmas they need to come in at the latest on 24th (Christmas Eve) and cannot then be picked up till the 27th.  Also, it is important to note that daily charges are double on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day.

My dog is very nervous, will he be able to cope?

All dogs that have either not been in kennels before or are very nervous take it in turns to join us in the office during tea breaks and lunchtime. This helps to get them more used to the staff and the surroundings.  By the end of the holiday most nervous dogs are completely at ease here and sometmes don’t even make a fuss when their owners arrive home from holiday.