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We are happy to administer all forms of medication – by either ointment, tablet, powder, drops or injection.

At Pet Lodge, we use a system which records and lists all our guests medication requirements. Upon arrival, previous historical information is updated and the system then produces a medication chart, which we ask the owner to sign. Each time medication is due, the chart is signed by the member of staff administering the medicines. In this way we ensure the correct volume / dosage is given at the right time. The charts are signed by the adminstering member of staff which enables us to maintain a full record and accountability of the medicines given, when and by who.

As part of our ongoing staff development programme, we now have three members of staff who have undergone and passed a Canine First Aid course. This ensures that you can relax knowing your loved pet will be looked after by suitably trained staff.

If you have any queries relating to the administration of medicines to your pet, please either drop in or give us a call.