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Hydrotherapy Centre Testimonials


I am writing to say that unfortunately Baggins expectantly and suddenly in a few hours passed away on Saturday 5th March. What we didn’t know was that he had advanced prostrate cancer and secondaries. He had a good life and will be much missed.

However, I have to say I was VERY IMPRESSED with the improvement in his mobility as a result of the hydrotherapy. After his last session, the following morning he was running along the sea wall at Seasalter!  Amazing. So I would like to thank you and I can say I would recommend this therapy.

Many thanks

Steve Baggins – March 2016



What a fantastic time we had here with our 6 year old Victorian bulldog. We’ve had Terrie 4 years who was a rescue and can sometimes be very nervous around strangers but at Pet Lodge she was treated in a lovely, caring and understanding manner. The ladies were lovely and made her swim an enjoyable time. She was pampered after her swim and slept like a log once we got home. we would highly recommend everyone to try Pet Lodge.  A STAR PLUS – many thanks ladies.

Mrs Sarah Martins  – March 2014


Here is a testimonial letter after attending 12 sessions of Hydrotherapy for my toy poodle at Pet Lodge in Whitstable, Kent.

After a cruciate rupture operation on her back leg in December 2010, I was advised to take my dog for some sessions of hydrotherapy to help re-build the strength in the joint and keep her other leg’s muscles in good shape at the same time and to avoid any further interventions.

I must say that in no time, she went from ‘hop & skip’ to walking more ‘confidently’ and thereafter went from strength to strength.  She is now able to return to having long walks at Dover Cliffs, which was our main goal and seemed at the time almost an impossible target.

About Pet Lodge
I must say that Linda, the owner and therapist along with Alice her assistant are both genuinely friendly, but also hightly professional in the approach to the dogs in their care.  The dogs are encouraged to swim the best they can but always under ‘constant monitoring to suit their individual fitness levels.  Each dog has the undivided attention from the therapist duing the session on either the treadmill or in the pool and furthermore, is thoroughly dried and brushed before returning home.

I therefore would recommend Pet Lodge to anyone who wants to give their dog a helping hand to a much quicker recovery, but more importantly, safely and naturally.

Chris Jones & Fifi
13th May 2011


Hello Linda, Adrian and Alice.

We just have to thank you big time for your expert work on Bubbles and Mimi that have given them a new lease of life, after expensive surgery and no improvement the vet referred us to you, at Pet Lodge.

It soon became apparent that we were at a truly professional and highly skilled establishment. Watching Linda and being informed on what was happening, coupled with incredible  progress .

Also we were given advice on how to proceed after the treatment had concluded and have had no relapse .

So Thank you. Thank you so much.
Most sincerely

Rod and Christine Tissiman.  (p.s. We miss the ducks eggs.)
March 2011


We have been taking our Golden Retriever (Snowball) to the Pet Lodge Hydrotherapy Centre for approximately 3 years as Snowball has had bad hips from a very early age. It is difficult to put into words how beneficial the hydrotherapy is.  Not only has it improved her walking but also her stamina and general well being is also very much improved.  Along with these noticeable changes, there has also been a very needy reduction in her weight.
Snowball positively adores her weekly trips as is evidenced by the howling and grizzling the closer we get to Pet Lodge!.
We can’t recommend this centre highly enough.

Tim & Joan Wiltshire
August 2010

Marley Bullions  (Labrador)

Marley, our 4 year old Labrador, was referred to Pet Lodge for hydrotherapy treatment by Companion Care as he was suffering from the onset of hip dysplasia, the noticeable signs of these to us, the owners, was that he would yelp when he was getting into the car or when he was invited onto the sofa, additionally, he became reluctant to use the dog flap.

Marley’s treatment at Pet Lodge started with initially, two sessions a week which then reduced to weekly and has now further dropped to fortnightly as his stamina levels have increased. When we went on holiday, we arranged for Marley to stay at the boarding kennels, during which time he still kept up with his treatment.

The treatment that Marley has received from Linda and Alice has been superb, as owners, we really felt that the manner that Linda dealt and talked to Marley was done with real passion and enthusiasm, you can see the devotion go both ways.  As owners we are never left in the dark as to Marley’s treatment and are dealt with in a friendly and professional manner.
Health wise, within about the first four or five treatments, the yelping had stopped and Marley was using his back legs with ease when it came to getting in the car and so on, since then, the work that Linda has done has concentrated on building Marley’s muscles and stamina levels up to compensate for the hip problems.

We are in no doubt that Marley has benefited from his treatment at Pet Lodge more than we could have imagined he would have done.  He loves going there from the moment we ask him “do you want to go and see Linda?”, right up to the moment we pull off the Thanet Way and Marley starts letting us know vocally from the back of the car as to where we are going. We also hope that as a result of Marley receiving hydrotherapy treatment, we may have delayed or, hopefully,  even avoided Marley having to go under any type of surgical procedure.

Kevin & Debra Bullions (and Marley)
January 2010

Oscar Croft    (Old English Sheepdog)

Our Old English Sheepdog Oscar is 6 years old and in November 2008 we was referred to Pet Lodge Hydrotherapy Referral Centre because of his hip dysplasia (both hips) and chronic arthritus.  At 50 kilos he was also very overweight (our fault entirely!).

Oscar began by having two hydrotherapy sessions per week. After 6 weeks this decreased to one session per week and because we have seen such a difference in him we still take him once per week.

We cannot thank Linda and her team enough for what they have done for Oscar.  The sessions not only helped with his weight loss (he now weighs 40 kilos!) but his mobility is 100% improved and his quality of life so much better that he really is like a different dog.

What we really love though is the fat that (although Oscar wouldn’t admit to it) he does enjoy his weekly swim – and we have never had a problem with getting him to go into the hydrotherapy centre.

After all the help it has given to Oscar we are more than happy to recommend Pet Lodge Hydrotherapy services to anyone whose dogs have any kind of mobility problems.

Eileen and Tony Croft (and Oscar)
October 2009

Ozzy Camp  (Labrador)

Ozzy has had 3 operations on his left back leg and we were told he would always have a limp.  My vet recommended that we took him to Pet Lodge for Hydrotherapy – to be honest we were a little concerned whether it would work or not as we had not heard of anyone else taking their dogs to Hydro.  We decided that we would take him and we are so pleased that we did.  Ozzy is 8 years old and is now bouncing around like a 8 month old puppy, he loves it there.  He cannot wait to get into the water and have a swim, he even pushes Linda out of the way so he can swim some more when he has to rest.  The limp – well what limp, he jumps, runs and bounces around doing all the things we were told he would not be able to do.

Concerned whether you should go, take it from me, take your dog and you will see a difference in a few weeks.  I like the fact that Linda even gets into the water with your pet so you feel assured that your pet is safe.  Everytime I hear anyone mentioning that their pet needs to go to Hydro, I’m there telling them to ” Take them, you won’t regret it  – we haven’t and neither has Ozzy.

Still concerned – go along and have a look I’m sure Pet Lodge won’t mind.

Liz and Ozzy Camp
July 2009

Ptolemy Wilcox  (Pug)

Tolly is a male pug and is just over six years old.  He was born with hip dysplasia and in April 2005 he was diagnosed with arthritis in both hips, a tear in the cruciate ligament of his near hind leg and a slipping knee cap on the other. He has lost much of his bounce and cheekiness.

He first came to Pet Lodge for hydrotherapy in October 2008 and has now had 17 swims.  He is a changed animal and has now regained his old wicked ways!  He is happy and confident and for a pug his figure is slim line! Most importantly, his overall muscle tone has greatly improved, his hind legs are much stronger and his aches and pains seem to have vanished.

Linda Croxford has a special relationship with the dogs she treats. She is infinitely kind and patient but also gently firm. She has a unique take on hydrotherapy by actually getting into the pool with every dog.  The dog is therefore encouraged to swim and if timid gains confidence in the pool with treatment on a one to one basis.

Linda fitted Ptolemy with a buoyancy aid in the beginning which was gradually reduced to a harness (no buoyancy) for a couple of minutes each session. Ptolemy now swims with no buoyancy at all in the 23 foot pool with short sessions in a generated current (jets) to make him work harder. He loves his swim – especially the fuss Linda and her helpers make of him.

The hygiene in the pool and pool area is scrupulous. Every dog is given a health check and shower before each swim. After swimming dogs are showered off and then the staff carefully dry them in the drying room.

Thank you Linda. You have worked a small miracle with Tolly and given him a new lease of life.

Mr & Mrs Wilcox – Ptolemy
March 2009

Rufus Leach

Rufus is our 5 year old Beagle X who suffered a spinal injury.  Two operations were needed to release pressure on his spinal cord as it was being crushed between bone and cartilage. The vet managed to chip away at the bone and after a further myelogram   the pressure had been released and the spinal cord was straightened.  After 3 weeks in the vets we had doubts if Rufus would recover at all as he seemed very down, had no use of his back legs and only the smallest reflex in his toes.  We were considering the purchase of a wheelchair for Rufus to aid his mobility as he was in such a state.

It was at this point that our vet referred us to Pet Lodge Hydrotherapy Centre.

Again we had doubts because of his lack of movement in his back legs but we made the phone call to book Rufus’ first swim and could feel Linda’s enthusiasm down the phone which gave us something we had not had up to that point – HOPE.

Arriving for our first session, we carried Rufus in and were very impressed with the faclities which we found to be very professional (as are the staff). Everything at Pet Lodge is about the dogs. Rufus’ first swim was amazing. He had movement in his back legs and instantly hope built within us.  Linda advised that Rufus would need 2 swims a week which we did for about 8 weeks which gave Rufus the ability to stand on his own four feet but he still did not have much balance. We then changed to 1 swim per week and commenced a small amount of exercise at home and with the ongoing swimming sessions noticed changes in Rufus on a regular basis – from small steps to being able to scratch himself with a back leg!

We have now been swimming for 6 months and Rufus has done fantastically.  He is now able to walk completely unaided, runs down the beach, walks down the stairs and is now able to nick his place on the sofa!
The commitment from Linda and her staff is great and installs confidence in you as the owner and your pet to a recovery that only Hydrotherapy can provide.

Alex and Julie Leach – and Rufus.
Feb 2009