Hydrotherapy Centre

Ptolemy WilcoxI (Linda) became smitten by the amazing benefits of hydrotherapy just after we opened the kennels in 2006 which came about after accompanying a friends dog to a hydrotherapy session. Whilst we had not originally intended to open a hydrotherapy centre, by January 2007 I had booked on all the prestigious Hawksmoor training courses to train as a canine hydrotherapist.  The plan was to complete all the training courses and pass all the exams and consider then building the pool – but I had it all planned in my head and couldn’t wait to commence building !

After spending a period of time hunting for a pool that was long enough to allow dogs to swim in a line before having to turn (to retrieve toys and especially for Patella issues where straight line swimming is imperative), we finally found a pool that we imported from France (via a British Supplier) and by April 07 the pool was sited and the pool room being built around it.  By August 07 we were ready for our first clients and veterinarian viewing days.

I am very proud of our facilities (if I say so myself) and we have received some fantastic client reviews and attained some remarkable results.

To enhance our service offering we have also installed the latest Hydro Physio Canine Aquatic Treadmill (June 09) which will compliment the pool to provide an all round rehabillitation service to our clients


Hydrotherapy Pool Our pool is just over 23′ long  x 10′ wide and is 4.6′ deep.  The pool is inset into the ground with two different viewing levels as the ground level is lower behind the pool than in front (as you will be able to see from one of the pictures rotating to the …

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What is hydrotherapy?

“Hydrotherapy” comes from the Greek word meaning “Water Healing”. It is the process of safe / weightless exercise in warm water that assists the healing of painful joints.  The warmth of the water is important in any healing process as it provides pain relief, improves blood circulation, improves the relaxation of muscles and relieves any …

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Conditions that benefit from Hydrotherapy

In line with veterinary treatment and referral, hydrotherapy will benefit the following conditions: Pre & post Operative conditions. Hip & Elbow Dysplasia Hip Replacements Osteo-arthritus Cruciate Ligament injuries and recovering cruciate operations. Chronic Degenerative Radiculomyelopathy (CDRM) Osteo-chondritis Dissecan  (OCD) Luxating & sub-Luxating Patellas. Spinal Injuries Paralysis & Strokes. Fractures / Neurological Injuries Obesity / Weight …

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Accreditation and Qualifications

I (Linda) have attended the reputable and recognised Hawksmoor Hydrotherapy Training Centre and completed and passed all the following examinations: Introducation to Hydrotherapy Canine First Aid (of which a refresher course / exam is taken every two years) Canine Muscletal & Skeletal Practices and Principles of Hydrotherapy Conditions that benefit from Hydrotherapy Understanding and Management …

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Referral required All dogs need to be referred by a vet – be it for a specific reason / condition or purely a fun swim. This is because it is an offence for any person other than an owner, to treat an animal unless the permission of the vet is sought and obtained. It is …

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Q:   Can I swim my dog by just booking an appointment? No, unfortunately not.  All dogs require a veterinary referral form to be completed prior to swimming – even if it is for a fun swim. Most vets will happily complete the forms to advise of a dogs injury or condition. Q:   How do I …

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Pet Lodge prices for Hydrotherapy sessions are currently as follows: Initial Assessment / Appointment – £37 including VAT Ongoing Appointments £27 inclusive of VAT – unless you have a large breed dog whose coat takes an exceptionally long time to dry when there may be an additional cost of £3.00 applied. If you pay for 10 sessions at …

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