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Hydrotherapy Pool

Our pool is just over 23′ long  x 10′ wide and is 4.6′ deep.  The pool is inset into the ground with two different viewing levels as the ground level is lower behind the pool than in front (as you will be able to see from one of the pictures rotating to the right of this text.)  This enables the owners to walk completely around the pool to encourage and view their dogs swimming whilst being able to view their swimming action from two different positions. The pool is fitted with anti-swim jets at the top end which create a variable flow of water that increases the current / tidal flow of the water making it harder for dogs to swim against (these are only used when a dog is proficient at swimming and an increased workout is required). The pool is equipped with underwater lighting to assist observation. A hydrotherapist is in the pool during all swims to both encourage and assist dogs where required.

The water is heated to 31° C and sanitised using chlorine which is maintained at at an appropriate level to ensure water quality and hygiene but will not harm or damage your dogs skin or coats. The pool water is tested regularly throughout the day to ensure both the chemical and pH balance of the water is maintained within the correct levels.  There is a ramp onto a wide table which then allows the dogs to get into the water by a gentle ramp or alternatively step down into the water by the steps. We also have an overhead hoist available for those dogs which are not able to get into the pool themselves (or with assistance from the hydrotherapist).

Canine Aquatic Treadmill

We have the latest version of the Hydro Physio Canine Aquatic Treadmill which has both an incline option and anti swim jets.  The water is heated to 30°C and is sanitised and filtered with chlorine to the same levels as the pool. The treadmill provides exercise in a controlled environment where both the levels of water and speed of the treadmill can be varied which provides dogs with low impact exercise. By altering the water levels both flexion and extension of specific joints can be targeted and treated effectively.



Dogs are showered before swims to remove any loose hair or dirt and to warm the dogs prior to getting into the pool or treadmill and then showered again after the swim.

This is followed by a rub down with a cloth to remove the excess water before being completely dried off as detailed below.



Drying Facilities

Our pool room is centrally heated to ensure our clients are kept in a comfortable warm atmosphere until fully dried.  The drying room has both a blaster and a normal heated drier. The blaster is used to blow the majority of the water out of the coat and is also great for removing dead and loose hair whilst providing the dogs with a massage.

We have found that most dogs accept and love the blaster but don’t worry if your dog is noise phobic as we also have the gentler heated dryer which we use after the blaster or on short haired dogs.  If dogs really do not like either of the driers we have a mountain of towels available!