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Q:   Can I swim my dog by just booking an appointment?

No, unfortunately not.  All dogs require a veterinary referral form to be completed prior to swimming – even if it is for a fun swim. Most vets will happily complete the forms to advise of a dogs injury or condition.

Q:   How do I know the water is safe to swim in?

We use Chlorine to sanitise the water in both the pool and the treadmill. This ensures water clairity and hygiene standards are maintained. The levels of chemicals used are within regular human pool levels and should not affect any dogs skin or condition. Water is also checked up to four times daily to ensure chemical balance and clarity is maintained within acceptable levels.

Q:   Can I feed my dog at normal times before coming for hydrotherapy sessions?

This depends on what times you normally feed your dog!  You should not feed your dog for at least 2+ hours prior to hydrotherapy and for at least one hour after.

Q:   How long is each session?

You will need to allow at least one hour for the first session and then each appointment thereafter is half an hour plus the time it takes to completely dry each dog.

Q:   Is the hydrotherapist trained in any way?

All three of our therapists are qualified to Level 3 Certification and Linda is aiming to achieving the Level 3 Diploma in 2019. We have all completed and passed the requried hydrotherapy courses and exams as detailed on the Accreditations and Qualifications page. It is our intention to continue learning by attending as many relative and informatiive courses available to further our knowledge for the benefit of our clients. Apart from the Hydrotherapy training Linda has been handling and training dogs in agility for 25+ years.

Q:   Is hydrotherapy covered by my Pet Insurance policy?

This will depend on each individual policy but if you are covered for complementary therapy then most insurance companies will cover either a set number of swims or up to a given sum of money.

Q:   Does all dogs have to wear a jacket?

In the beginning all dogs will wear either a buoyancy jacket or a harness. After a number of swims any buoyancy is reduced to the wearing of a swim harness which offers the dogs no buoyancy aid.  However, it is a requirement of the CHA that all dogs wear a form of harness to enable swift removal from the water should there be a need to but the harness offers no buoyancy and is rather a dapper outfit!  It also aids us to hold dogs back from forward motion in the water to enable improved flexion & extension of limbs / joints should we feel it is needed.

Q:   What if my dog can swim longer than 30 minutes?

A dog swimming at a good pace for one minute is equivalent to walking for 1 mile – so there are very few dogs that can swim continually for the full half hour appointment – at least in the early days of treatment / swimming.  Once a dog is able to swim in the pool or walk in treadmill for longer periods we have the ability to increase the tensity of the workout by the appliance of the jets into the tailored programme for each dog.

Q:   Should I bring my own towels?

You do not have to bring any towels with you as we have plenty however, we rarely use a towel as we take any surface water off by rubbing with a specialist grooming cloth before taking all dogs into the drying room where we dry each one off either by using the blaster drier followed by the heated drier or purely the heated drier on the more nervous or short coated dogs.