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Pet Lodge prices for Hydrotherapy sessions are currently as follows:

Initial Assessment / Appointment – £37 including VAT

Ongoing Appointments £27 inclusive of VAT – unless you have a large breed dog whose coat takes an exceptionally long time to dry when there may be an additional cost of £3.00 applied.

If you pay for 10 sessions at the commencement of your programme then we will offer an eleventh one free of charge (ie pay for 10 and get one free).



Please note: If your dog is a very large breed with a heavy coat which takes longer than a half hour period to dry (Pyranean or Estrella Mountain Dog, St Bernard etc) then there will be a small surcharge of £3.00 applied to each swim.


All swims are to be paid for before or at the time of the swim and an invoice will be issued detailing all the dates swam to enable customers to claim monies paid back from insurance companies under the applicable rules relating to each individual policy.